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What factors should I consider when looking at schools?

What should I be looking at when evaluating different schools?

Each player and family has different views when decision time comes. Most players have 3-4 things they are looking for in a school or golf program. For some, it’s the social atmosphere and the degrees offered. For others, it’s could be the coach philosophy or the players on the team. Both are reasonable things to look at but be careful, coaches and players come and go, the school and the intangibles are here to stay, which do you think you should be basing your decisions off of?

Food for thought: Below are the top factors to consider when evaluating a potential “best-fit” program.

In no particular order:

  • Graduation Rates of Athletes

  • Undergraduate Enrollment

  • Academic Support for Athletes

  • Degree Programs offered

  • Surrounding City

  • Is the program on the rise or the decline?

  • Big name school vs. Small name school

  • Conference affiliation

  • Social aspects within the university

  • Visibility to earn National Recognition

  • Post-Season Play Opportunities

  • Playing Time vs. Bench Time

  • Personality of Head Coach

  • Team Budget

  • Travel Schedule

  • Player Improvement/Development

  • Team Members

  • Team/Family Atmosphere

  • Golf Facilities

  • % of players on the PGA/LPGA Tour

  • Workout Program and Schedule

  • Climate and Weather

  • Off-Campus Housing

  • School Spirit

  • Community Involvement & Exposure

All of the above are important aspects to factor in during the recruiting process. Figure out which are most important to you and ASK QUESTIONS!

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