Jamie McConnell, Director of Instruction, Claude Harmon III Performance

Dubai, UAE

Since the beginning of our relationship, working with Mike has been a huge advancement in helping many of our students work through the minefield of college golf and college recruiting. Being able to contact an expert in the field has allowed our students to manage their expectations, understand the level they are at, and make significant progress towards finding a college that suits their wants and needs. Without him, this process would have simply been guesswork. We're very fortunate to have Mike as a friend of CH3 Performance.

Campbell Wolf, Player, East Tennessee State University

Mechanicsburg, PA

I was introduced to Mike through a mutual friend when I decided to transfer from my current university. I had already been through the process once and with Mike’s help, my transfer process was very easy. Mike is very detailed and passionate about trying to find you the place of best fit for you and your needs. He has a great network of coaches and he understands how the process works. The one thing that is super helpful about Mike is that he was also a player so he understands what we go through as Division 1 athletes. I really didn’t need to do much other than talk on the phone with the coaches. He set up the rest!  I ended up with a bunch of great offers thanks to the work that we did together. I decided to sign with East Tennessee State University and will start there in the fall. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs help finding their best during the recruiting process.

Carlos & Lety Soriano, Parents

San Diego, CA

Our son Adrian Soriano was introduced to ForeCollegeGolf in his junior year. The past two years Adrian has developed a relationship with Mike. He has been a great mentor through the process of searching for a college in which Adrian can play golf. The process as a parent can be stressful. Mike has prepped us for the ups and downs that the family as a whole goes through. He helped with creating a resume, sending emails, creating a school database, contacting coaches, and visiting campuses. Mike is a great mentor. Not only has Mike helped Adrian with how to communicate with coaches, how to improve his game, but now Adrian is working on what to expect in college as a student-athlete. I highly recommend Mike with ForeCollegeGolf, his knowledge of College golf programs and his experience of playing golf himself helps ease the stress in searching for the right school for your son or daughter. Thank you, Mike! 

Todd & Jeanette Keppy, Parents

Chicago, IL

Our son, Truman, was first introduced to golf the summer before high school. His talent grew swiftly and steadily during his freshman and sophomore years.  We realized he had the talent to continue to play in college, but quickly found out that we were a bit late to, and unfamiliar with, the whole recruiting process.  We signed up with a popular recruiting platform but had very little success getting the attention of teams/coaches that Truman was interested in playing for – D-1. Fore College Golf was first mentioned to us in November 2018.  Truman was competing in a FCWT Tournament in Orlando, FL.  He was a junior in high school, still with no college offers.  We decided to reach out to Mike to see if he could help Truman with his recruiting progression.  After our first meeting, we instantly had a new level of understanding of the process.  Mike reviewed Truman’s resume and agreed to take him on as a client.  He was also confident that his talent was D-1. Via hours of video calls, Mike guided Truman through the entire process. He had Truman establish a list of the top colleges that he would be interested in attending.  He encouraged Truman to looked at all aspects of the colleges to ensure they were a good fit for him for both golf and academics.  As the list narrowed, Mike educated Truman on how to communicate with coaches - how to separate himself from the others.  Again, with Mike’s guidance, Truman then started reaching out to the coaches - requesting meetings and scheduling visits. Truman met with four colleges before he chose to accept the offer from Stetson University. Mike’s part in Truman’s recruiting process was truly immeasurable.  His knowledge of the process and the time he invests in his clients to help ensure success is incredible.  Thank You, Mike!  Without Fore College Golf, Truman would not have the opportunity he now has. 

Jack Wilcox, Player, Butler University

Franklin, TN

Mike and I were first connected through my swing coach, Ben Pellicani, and ForeCollegeGolf was really the spark that got my recruiting process started. Before I started working with Mike, I was very unfamiliar with the whole recruiting process, and Mike helped guide me through it every step of the way. He helped me write emails, taught me how to speak with coaches on the phone, while also talking to many coaches on the phone himself. Not only did Mike help with recruiting, but he also helped me develop as a player by holding me accountable in my goal setting and giving me ways to be more efficient with my practice. Overall, I worked with Mike for multiple years, and he was nothing short of incredible. I would definitely recommend ForeCollegeGolf to anyone who might be struggling with the college golf recruiting process.

Tony & Jeannie Valvano, Parents

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Our son Brandon had tried two other golf recruiting/consulting services and did not have any legitimate offers that he wanted. Brandon had initially decided to take a gap year, work on his game and hopefully get an offer that he wanted the following year. Then in June, we met Mike. He immediately began to put together Brandon's resume in the proper format, put together a great swing video, and began to actively reach out to Coaches where he felt Brandon could make an impact. Many offers came in less than 45 days. Brandon has since committed to a D-I school. This would not have happened without Mike or the existence of ForeCollegeGolf. I strongly urge anyone who is serious about playing college golf at the elite level to utilize ForeCollegeGolf and Mike's guidance. 

Steve & Leslie Sirbaugh, Parents

Jacksonville, FL

Over the last year, we had heard of Mike Smith at various golf events throughout the area but had been working to navigate the college golf process on our own with whatever advice we could gather along the way.  We had seen minimal results heading into Colin’s senior season, so when he mentioned Mike had helped a friend of his successfully pursue an opportunity to play in college we decided to reach out and learn more about the program.  We were immediately impressed with the approach Mike takes when starting to work with new clients.  Even though Mike had briefly met Colin, he wouldn’t just take him as a client without spending additional time getting to know Colin’s goals, his approach to the game, the type of schools he would be interested in, and many other factors important to a successful working relationship and outcome.  Once we agreed the fit was there, Mike led us through improving Colin’s resume, set up recurring calls to review a target list of schools, guided us through the process of reaching out to coaches, and helped prep Colin for those conversations.  Mike’s relationships with coaches, his understanding of their programs, and how they fit with what Colin was looking for all came together when he signed to play for Stetson’s class of 2023.  Mike’s dedication and passion for individually assisting each student is clear and we could not be happier with the end result.  Even after the signing, Mike has stayed in touch offering suggestions and advice for this year's schedule and continues to share his knowledge and experience from playing high-level competitive golf.  We are happy to recommend Mike for any family interested in their student continuing a golf career at the collegiate level. 

Jon Lumley, Player, Stetson University

St. Johns, FL

My first experience with Mike was while I was playing in a tournament, and my Mom just happened to run into him while she was following me. I truly believe if we weren’t in the right place at the right time, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Mike helped me develop as a golfer, and more importantly, as a person. When I first started the ForeCollegeGolf program, I was in a slump on the golf course. Mike taught me many different things about how to prepare to play good golf and strategize my way around the golf course. Also, before we started working together, I tried contacting some college coaches, but my nerves got the best of me, and I didn’t know how to truly hold a conversation with a coach. Mike taught me how to not only communicate with coaches but also feel confident that I could use my new communication skills as an advantage. Thanks to Mike, I will be starting my college golf career at Stetson University in the fall of 2019! I highly recommend the ForeCollegeGolf program if you are struggling to find the perfect fit for college.

Will Freeman, Player, Hofstra University

Sartell, MN

I first started with Mike and ForeCollegeGolf the fall of my Senior year. We had first heard of him through another golfer in the area who worked with Mike during my Junior year. My family and I knew that Mike would be a good option, but we decided that we would try to figure things out on our own, and had already worked a lot on my resume, went on a few visits, and contacted some coaches. Throughout this process, my scores started to slip and I lost touch with most of the coaches that I had been communicating with. My family and I started to consider Mike more and more and we had heard many great things from his clients. Mike and I started to communicate in late August of my Senior year and I could tell right away that we would work well together. Mike first helped me make a list of about 30 schools with some safety schools and some reach schools in each division and various conferences. Mike and I also made sure that all of these schools were good fits academically as well. He also helped me with my tournament schedule and made sure that the events I was playing in had strong competition. I was even able to play a Florida Junior Tour event with the help of Mike, which was a great experience being from Minnesota. When we started contacting coaches Mike had a very well organized plan for the phone calls and emails to coaches, which can be a bit confusing at times. My communication skills greatly benefited from this experience with all of the phone calls and emails I made. I was very impressed with the amount of time Michael spent with me and my family to help me find the right fit. We certainly got our money’s worth and Michael has stayed in touch well after I committed, even saying that he wants to stay in touch while at college to see how things are going. I made my decision to play golf for Hofstra University in New York just before Christmas break. Hofstra will be a great fit for me and I doubt I would be going there in the fall of 2019 without the help of Mike, considering I had never heard of the school before. I strongly recommend Michael to anyone who wants to play college golf and find their best fit.

Patrick Galleher Jr., Player, Bryant University

Richmond, VA

When I first started with Mike in my Sophomore year, I was an average golfer who didn't have any offers or had even started to talk with college coaches. As soon as Mike and I started, I could immediately tell we had a bond. I knew right from the beginning that my time with Mike was going to be great and Mike would have my best interest in mind. When I sent out the introduction emails, I immediately got responses. One college coach even said it was the best email that he has ever read when I visited. I was able to express myself and my expectations in that email. Mike and I also worked on systems to help enhance my game and course management so I could play my best on the course. Mike also made sure that I was preparing and playing in the right tournaments that would eventually help me get the exposure and experience I needed. Mike was organized and made sure that I was getting what I needed out of his service. He put me before himself which shows a lot about him and the person he is. My communication skills with college coaches are now off the charts and now my future college coach and I are already forming a bond thanks to the tips Mike has given me. I ended up going on visits to 4 different colleges and I received 4 offers to play college golf. Playing college golf has always been a dream of mine and without the help of Mike, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today. Mike and I not only bonded, but I know I will always be good friends with Mike and will lean on him going forward. Words can’t even describe my experience with ForeCollegeGolf. All I know is, I am very lucky I had the opportunity to work with such a great guy who knows exactly what he is doing. When I signed my NLI I knew I wouldn’t have gotten here without the help of Michael Smith and ForeCollegeGolf. 

Jackson Elzinga, Player, Trevecca Nazarene

Franklin, TN

Looking back at the year and 3 months that I worked with Mike and the ForeCollegeGolf program, I take nothing but positives away. Mike is prepared, timely, and was always willing to go out of his way to help me out. At times when I felt burned out with the recruiting process and even golf in general, Mike was always there to bring positivity and was always able to motivate me to reach out. Mike’s work ethic, positivity, and generosity gives his clients opportunities, as long as they are willing to work hard themselves. Players who want to play in college should consider working with Mike because following his steps will lead to many opportunities. After deciding on Trevecca Nazarene, I realized that at the end of the day, all it takes is one opportunity to turn into an offer. Mike’s players will have multiple opportunities and therefore have a greater chance at playing college golf.

Andrew Farraye, Player, Purdue University

St. Augustine, FL

My relationship with Mike began in January of my Sophomore Year of high school. I could immediately tell that we were going to do special things together. Mike, having gone through the college recruiting process himself and having played Division 1 Golf for James Madison, is very knowledgeable in his field. Mike improved my game by giving me multiple resources such as goal sheets, weekly practice plans, drill books, and mental game worksheets. Most importantly, he helped me become very comfortable and confident when speaking to coaches over the phone or face to face in person. Mike not only assisted my college recruiting process, he also taught me valuable skills that have carried over to everyday life as well. All in all, Mike is a great guy who will prove to be an enormous help to many junior golfers in the future. I highly recommend Mike to anyone trying to pursue college golf!

Logan Neel, Player, Florida Southern

St. Augustine, FL

Before I met Mike, I was just a couple of months away from starting my freshman year at the University of North Florida. I did not think that college golf was an option for me as I had just started playing golf less than three years prior. After sharing my story with Mike, he expressed that although it wasn’t the ideal time to begin the recruiting process, that it was never too late to start! After the initial meeting, I could tell that Mike was very knowledgeable about the transfer recruiting process and knew exactly where to begin. With time being my enemy, Mike and I worked very diligently to get resumes built, emails crafted, and school databases put together. We worked towards the end goal, of playing college golf at a school that would be a good fit on every level, something that Mike preaches a lot. I had a lot of questions throughout the recruiting process, and Mike was always quick to answer and very flexible when it came to meeting times. I highly recommend Mike Smith and ForeCollegeGolf to junior golfers looking to advance to the next level and play collegiate golf.

Jeg Coughlin III, Player, Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

Mike Smith is a world-class individual, and will always work-hard for both the success and happiness of the individuals he works with. After going through a great college golf program (James Madison University), Mike understands what it takes for any junior golfer looking to take the next step to an elite division one college golf program. Mike has assisted me with every aspect of my development through junior golf and now into my collegiate career at The Ohio State University. Not only do Mike and I share a tremendous working rapport, but I also consider him one of my closest, and most faithful friends. Any junior golfer looking to make the leap to college golf will greatly benefit from the knowledge, diligence, and work-ethic of Mike Smith.

Arkesh Bhatia, Player, Jacksonville University

Dubai, UAE

I first started working with Mike in October of 2018. I was introduced to him by Jamie McConnell at the Butch Harmon School of Golf in Dubai. I could tell straight away that Mike was intelligible about the college golf scene. In reflection, Mike only chose universities that were the ‘right fit’ for me and I’m glad I had someone with Mikes experience and connections to guide me in the right direction. Mike was always available to chat with me when I had questions and I always felt he would be there when I needed him. I would definitely advocate ForeCollegeGolf to any junior athlete looking to continue their academics and athletics while playing NCAA golf.

Mathias Andersen, Player, LaGrange College

Viborg, Denmark

I was introduced to Mike Smith through Matthew Cooke from Game Like Training Golf. I expressed my interest in playing college golf in the Summer just before my senior year, and this is where my relationship with Mike Smith started. Immediately I could tell that we would click. Mike is very knowledgeable about anything college golf, and we share similar interests. He has a lot of experience from a long amateur career as well as attending a great college golf program at James Madison University. Throughout the process, Mike stayed positive and was very motivating and this reflected on me at times where I was starting to lose hope that I would find a spot on a team. Furthermore, he was very flexible with meeting times, as I live in Denmark and that is a 6-hour tim ezone difference. Mike is very concerned about finding the right fit for you as an individual, and I felt this also reflected on me and it changed me into thinking more critically. I am absolutely certain that I would have never found as good a fit if it was not for Mike and ForeCollegeGolf. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is serious about playing college golf and want to find the right fit. I'm really looking forward to my time at LaGrange and keeping in touch with Mike going forward. 

Mr. Bill Hughes, General Manager, TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass, FL

“Mike Smith has been a winner both on and off the golf course. From the first day I met him over 10 years ago, I knew he was special and one of a kind. A very accomplished collegiate golfer himself, Mike knows first-hand the requirements and demands of playing NCAA golf at the highest level. He is now passing this valuable knowledge on to junior golfers and their families all over the world. The education process is necessary in order to succeed at the next level and Mike’s expertise makes ForeCollegeGolf’s resources invaluable to junior golfers. When planning the roadmap to success, Mike has the answers.”

Edye & Larry Wright, Parents

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

God sometimes puts people in your path for a reason.  You just need to stop and take notice.  That is what happened to our family with Mike Smith and Fore College Golf.  Over the course of 2015-2016 his name would come up in casual family conversations and our paths kept crossing on the golf course or in business settings.   So, we watched, got to know Mike better and observed how he was building his business.  We liked what we were seeing.

But timing is everything and it took until late 2016 to realize our family was ready for next step.  Our son, Elliott needed more help than Mom and Dad could provide.  It was time to step back as parents and let Elliott take ownership of his collegiate golfing aspirations.  We didn’t hesitate and made the call to Mike Smith to explore being our son’s partner.

Mike has been a more perfect match for Elliott (and parents!) than we could have imagined.   He is reliable, prepared, knowledgeable, relatable, technically adept, well-connected, insightful, accountable, passionate, and most importantly, compatible with our son.  Elliott loves golf, but after every interaction with Mike, he is more excited about golf and his future.  It has been fun to watch.

My husband and I highly recommend Mike Smith and Fore College Golf.  You won’t be disappointed.

Taka Shimoji, Player, Kennesaw State

Okinawa, JAPAN

Mike is one of the best coaches I've ever had and even better person. He knows exactly how to find the best-fit college for each person and how to be successful in the recruiting process. When I first started working with ForeCollegeGolf, I had no idea what to do or where to go with college recruiting. This was my sophomore year in high school. At the beginning, I didn’t even know the difference between D1, D2, and D3, and how college golf works, So we had to start everything from ground zero. Mike taught me how to write letters to coaches, how to show my interest to coaches, ask questions to coaches, and gave me keys to focus on and look for in order to find the best college. After about 15 months working with Mike, I had received interest and multiple offers (more than 15 colleges). Without Mike's knowledge, experience, and advice, I would not have been successful during the college recruiting process.

Johnny Tucker, Player, Florida Southern

Jacksonville, FL

The college recruiting process can be a very long and painstaking process for junior golfers. When I started the ForeCollegeGolf program the winter of my junior year of high school, college golf was just a dream I was trying to follow. Within months of working with Mike, I had many schools interested. Mike’s resources and program exceeded all of our expectations and helped me build important relationships with many coaches. Without his help, I don’t think I would be headed to play golf at Florida Southern, but my dream of playing college golf is now a reality thanks to him. 

Cade Black, Player, Trinity University

Jacksonville, FL

I met Mike Smith towards the end of my junior year in high school. At the time, I had just started getting truly serious about competitive golf and really setting my sights on playing college golf. Therefore, I was behind in the recruiting process. However, when I got the chance to start working with Mike, this all changed. Mike helped effectively and efficiently reach out to numerous college coaches and helped me find the one I loved, Trinity University in San Antonio. Mike helped me progress relationships with college coaches and made it really easy to be able to talk to them over the phone and feel comfortable during the process. Without Mike, I would not be where I am today.



Dan & Janice Williams, Parents

Jacksonville, FL

Our son Ryan met Mike while playing in a golf tournament this past summer.  We contacted Mike and began the recruiting process.  We were impressed after Ryan’s first couple of meetings with Mike.  He had a definite plan of action each week, this step by step process gave Ryan a sense of ownership for his future.   I recall being in a car when Ryan received a call from a perspective golf coach.  Listening to how he conducted himself and asked questions about their program amazed me.  Mike ensures his young clients are prepared for interviews in person and on the phone.  This is truly a mentorship. We were thrilled when Ryan verbally committed to playing golf for the University of West Georgia in August 2017.  The best decision we made was contacting Mike.  As parents, we were overwhelmed with the recruiting process and had no idea where to begin with helping our son fulfill his dream of playing golf in college.  We are grateful for Mike’s guidance and highly recommend Fore College Golf. 

Ignacio L. Arcaya, Parent

Orlando, FL

As Ignacio Jr informed you, he just committed to the University of New Mexico. It's been a wild ride of emotions, expectations, uncertainty, ups and downs, and finally relief and satisfaction.

Having lived abroad the last 10 years and only arriving back in the US for Ignacio's sophomore year put us at somewhat of a disadvantage in today's recruiting world that is looking at players 3-4 years before graduating.

Our chance meeting on the back nine of HS State Finals really turned things around! As you mentioned to me at that moment, we had actually covered a lot of ground. What we were missing was how to make sense of it all, and especially how to confront the upcoming challenges. I now see how important that was. One thing is to contact coaches (lots of them) and hope that some of them respond, and another is what to do when they do! I appreciate that your were just a text away or a call away and always ready with an answer and strategy.

The way you arranged a college visit with 48hrs notice was also very impressive. And to get an offer 72hrs after that, no words....

Also, guiding us with respect to tournaments and understanding the different ranking systems, helped in making the right decisions as there are so many options out there.

You do your work well Michael. And you do it with passion. It has been a very genuine experience and both Ignacio and myself are very happy to have met you. Not only for your help during this process but also for the friendship we have developed.

I look forward to keeping in touch in the years to come.

Best regards and keep up the great work.

Thank you for everything!

Nick Taliaferro, Player, Radford University

Richmond, VA

I came to Mike Smith and ForeCollegeGolf with the hope of finding some direction in the golf recruiting process and learning skills not only on, but off the course that would help that process. I soon found that Mike was someone with great experience, having been through the exact same process. I learned communication skills to use with coaches that I not only used in this case, but can use for the rest of my life. I noticed Mike was very organized with what he did and could tell he really cared about my future. Mike and ForeCollegeGolf really helped me find the overall best fit for myself. For that, I consider Mike a friend of mine, and I'm very thankful for the time I spent working with him while trying to reach my goals. 

Louie Perotti, Past Client, Ole Miss

St. Louis, MO

Beginning my Junior year I thought that playing college golf was just a dream, however, after meeting Mike I began to think it could be a reality. I was the first person in my family to try and play college sports so I felt lost but talking to Mike and seeing all the resources I knew I was with the right person. We talked about mailing coaches and setting up a resume but the best thing I learned from Mike was how to communicate with coaches. Mike's communication skills and friendly attitude during every meeting was a great example, not just as a way to reach out to coaches but also as a way to live life. I ended up not playing college golf because it wasn’t for me but even after working with Mike and ForeCollegeGolf, he still continues to be interested in what I am doing and how my life is going. Working with Mike shocked me because I felt that he doesn’t do what he does for money but because he truly wants his people to succeed and reach their goals. I consider Mike a very good friend and I can’t thank Mike enough for all the time and effort he put in while we worked together.

Buddy & Tina Webster, Parents

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“I met Mike during the High School State Championship tournament.  Our son, Rob, was a senior and one of the captains of the Ponte Vedra High School team.  He hadn't started playing golf until the 8th grade, so we were always playing catch up compared to most of the competitive players his age.  We knew that Rob was good enough to play in college, but we didn't have an understanding of how to get the college coaches to take notice.  He was almost half way through his senior year and hadn't received any interest.  Fortunately for us, Mike had a plan.


He immediately began working with Rob on several fronts.  Everything from resume preparation to email marketing campaign to role play preparation for interviews with college golf coaches.  Mike would work with Rob to establish activities that needed to occur and then hold him accountable for their completion.  He also kept great communication with my wife and me throughout the process.  Through Mike's efforts, Rob received an opportunity to try out for the Queens University of Charlotte Golf Coach.  Several weeks after the tryout Rob received his official offer to play for Queens and will begin college there in the fall of 2016.


Mike Smith has my highest recommendation.  We had begun to think that Rob would not get his chance to play in college until we started working with Mike.  He has great knowledge, experience, contacts and a make it happen attitude.  Bottom line: he gets results.” 

Bryce Pidgeon, Player, Trinity University

Plano, TX

I had an incredible overall experience with Mike and ForeCollegeGolf. He was extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I learned so much during our time together, but on top of that, Mike made it fun and enjoyable. During our meetings together, I could really see how much he truly cared about my game and what my success meant to him. Mike is very easy to relate to and I always looked forward to our meetings. I felt comfortable sharing my opinions and Mike made it known that he would value my input at all times. Mike added nothing but confidence and positive reinforcement through my recruiting process. I am so thankful to have had the special opportunity to work with Mike and ForeCollegeGolf. I worked extremely hard throughout the recruiting process but I owe a good deal of that to Mike and ForeCollegeGolf for providing me with the tools and necessary assistance to get where I needed to go. If you are confused, lost or frustrated with your current recruiting efforts, I would recommend Mike and ForeCollegeGolf above all. 

Ryan Williams, Player, West Georgia

Jacksonville, FL

Mike and I began working in the summer before my senior year of high school. Leading up to that point I had very little contact with college coaches. Mike advised me to stay persistent and trust in the ForeCollegeGolf process. I did and my dream of playing college golf became a reality. The resources and skills Mike taught me lead to my verbal commitment to the University of West Georgia before the summer was even over. I was able to sign on National Signing Day early and eliminate any stress heading into my senior year. All thanks to Mike's FGC for leading me to this opportunity.

Darryl & LizAnn Wills, Parents

Chaska, MN

We are thankful for your organization.  On National Signing Day – November 8th – our son Dawson achieved his goal of playing college golf and signed with Washburn University.


Dawson was very appreciative of your coaching, mentoring and insight and said, "Dad, without Mike I don’t know if it all would have happened and I'm so glad that we signed up to work with him."


LizAnn and I are appreciative of your professionalism – good customer service and responsiveness to our specific questions and needs.  What we are most proud of is how Dawson owned the process and was accountable. These are great life lessons that he will carry with him the rest of his life. 


Thank you for all your help and guidance!

Kanata Irei, Player, St. Leo University

Hilton Head Island, SC (JAPAN)

My family and I met Mike in September of 2017. At that time, I had previously missed out on a few scholarships that I thought were "shoe'in's". Mike and I worked very hard to get things back on track and right away I could tell he really cared about all of his players. After we spoke with him one time, Mike got to work. Mike assisted me with everything from my golf game to the admissions process at St. Leo.  At the beginning, our goal was to take a full-gap year and start college in August of 2018 but Mike worked his magic and begged me to trust in what we were doing. Three months later, I was committed to St. Leo. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. In the end, Mike's work ethic and understanding of the process made all the difference. He encouraged me to work hard and trust in the process. I couldn't believe it but I'm headed to play golf at one of the best universities in Division 2. I'm extremely glad that I met Mike and worked with him. I know it was a short period of time but looking back on it, everything went so smoothly. I strongly encourage you to set up a meeting with Mike and to work with ForeCollegeGolf.

Dr. & Mrs. Marc Farraye

St. Augustine, FL

Michael Smith has been an invaluable addition to the 'team' supporting my son Andrew Farraye in pursuing his dream of playing high-level collegiate golf.  Andrew plays for the Ponte Vedra HS golf team, as well as FSGA FJT and AJGA tournament golf.  He has been the perfect complement to everything we do with Andrew. Mike has helped guide him through the college recruiting process with knowledge borne out of his recent personal experience as a collegiate golfer.  He is highly technologically savvy, which along with his extensive knowledge base, allows him to best 'package' and present Andrew's skills to the coaches he seeks to reach.  He meets regularly with my son, both in person as well as via computer video meetings, and Andrew really looks forward to these meetings.  In addition, Michael stays on top of the college recruiting timeline 'action items' which for a busy working parent can be exceedingly difficult to do.  He holds the young player accountable for upholding their responsibilities in the team process.  He assists with building a professional looking 'playing resume' and swing videos, provides role-playing 'interviews' which help the player become more comfortable and impressive with their necessary coach communications, assists with identifying player strengths and weaknesses needing improvement with 'hard data' utilizing various technology programs and apps, responds to both player and parent questions and needs promptly via any means they prefer, and has even travelled to tournament(s) with my son when I was unable and also when he needed a caddy for a USGA event!  In short, Michael goes far 'above and beyond' in just about every sense, and I am thrilled that I made the commitment to have him join Andrew's 'team'.  I am confident that as a result Andrew will not only play the top-notch collegiate golf he so desires, but will have also learned numerous other valuable life lessons which will help him tremendously both in competitive golf and in the college classroom.

Matt & Susan Zerbel, Parents

St. Joseph’s, MI

“I want to thank you for your help with my son’s college golf recruiting process. Moving from Michigan to the South to pursue a college golf career presented many challenges. The largest of which was our lack of knowledge regarding opportunities to play in the South. Thanks to your help we were able to navigate the many possibilities available. You helped introduce my son to colleges and coaches he would not have likely contacted otherwise. As a result, he found a fit that was right for him and is very pleased with his scholarship commitment to an outstanding university.

You also helped Matthew in the process of communicating with college coaches. He was able to refine his approach and speak confidently. You helped him with his presentation, which I feel gave coaches a sense of his commitment and maturity which is a valuable tool whether you are speaking with a potential coach or future employer.

Overall, we are very glad we committed to your ForeCollegeGolf program. I would recommend your service to any young man or woman trying to pursue their dream of playing college golf. “


Dan Benson, Player, West Georgia

Manchester, England

From the moment me and FCG started talking, I knew we would have not just a working relationship but I would be building a friendship with Mike. Mike was not only able to work tirelessly on my complicated and long-drawn out transfer, but was able to do so with a smile and good humour! Mike adapted himself to my international needs, due to my visa restrictions – and with his help I was able to get myself in a situation with multiple offers for great schools that fit my needs. From the start Mike had a game plan that we both stuck to, which led to weekly catch-up’s and some late night messaging; but no matter what obstacle we encountered, Mike had a plan to deal with it. Fore College Golf has a great, personal, service – but gets the work done and the results (which we all know is the most important thing in golf) speak for themselves.

Philip Loeb, Player, Elon University

Jacksonville, FL

"Mike's knowledge for the game is unprecedented. With Mike's expertise and personal help, I improved my national ranking tremendously. He's helped me most with course management and improving my mental game.

Mike is a great coach and an even better person. I highly recommend Mike and ForeCollegeGolf if you want to improve your game and be recruited to play college golf. "

Jake Soucinek, Player, Southeastern University

Lake City, FL

When I began the process of college recruiting I was lost. It was January of my senior year of high school and I knew that time was not on my side. I had nothing on the table, not a single offer. Not even interest from a coach! No one in my family had ever gone to college so I was not able to ask them for any advice. All that I knew is that I wanted to play college golf, but given the circumstances I was losing hope on that dream. When I heard about Mike Smith and ForeCollegeGolf I was not sure what to expect, but after we had our first conversation I had hope that my dream of college golf could become a reality. Within a few weeks of working with Mike I had not only an offer from a school, but even several to choose from. ForeCollegeGolf gave me a proven plan that I could use to connect with golf coaches from all over the country. I had everything I needed to help me be recruited and more. Besides all this the most important thing I had on my side was Mike. When we had our first conversation I could tell that he was not doing this for the money, but rather because he has a passion for helping junior golfers like me, make our dreams of playing college golf become a reality. Mike is always there to help with anything you ask him, and there is no one better to have helping you than him. I am proud to say that because of Mike Smith and Fore College Golf's help I get to make my dream of collegiate golf become a reality.

Keiton Hoster, Player, NW Oklahoma State

Brock, TX

When you think about the overall recruiting experience, it can be very overwhelming. ForeCollegeGolf made it easy. Mike helped me tremendously with reaching out to coaches and building connections. He pushed me to make connections with these coaches that I wouldn’t have attempted to start by myself. Mikes guidance in the recruiting process is what I needed to be successful. I would highly recommend working with him if you are looking to play college golf!

Jake Haas, Player, Stetson University

Punta Gorda, FL

“Mike and I met very late in the recruiting process. I was introduced to him in October of my senior year and by the end of January, I had five offers on the table! Mike taught me how to approach coaches and how to gain their attention and respect. If it weren’t for Mike, I wouldn’t have been as calm and confident when speaking to Coaches. Mike knew almost everything about every school and understood if the school/university would be a “good-fit” for me. Mike is extremely personable and very easy to talk to and get along with. If it weren’t for Mike, I wouldn’t have been able to gather the enormous amount of information and do the necessary research about the golf programs I wanted to pursue. I am extremely excited to be playing at Stetson and that is a huge credit to Mike and I’s time together. I highly recommend Mike to upcoming college prospects and junior golfers who currently might be frustrated with their success in the college recruiting process. Mike will lead you along the right path and ultimately help you find your “best-fit” university."

Dr. & Mrs. David Loeb

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Mike Smith is very knowledgeable about golf, the junior golf atmosphere and college recruiting process.  We also trusted him to take out son to 25+ out of town junior golf tournaments. His steady support and maturity was invaluable to our son’s success. Mike continuously has a positive attitude and feels like a member of our family in his commitment to our son Philip. We would recommend Mike’s services and ForeCollegeGolf programs to anyone in the competitive junior golf arena.”

Matt Zerbel Jr., Player, Columbus State University

St. Josephs, Michigan

“Mike was extremely helpful in my college recruiting search. He gave me guidance as to what schools needed players, what they were looking for, and information on the team. Mike also helped me with how to communicate with college golf coaches, which questions I should be asking and we role played together to sharpen my communication skills.  Mike and I worked well as a team from the start to the end of my college search. I wouldn’t have been able to sign with Columbus State without Mike’s guidance. I would strongly recommend that other junior golfers and their families use Mike’s services and leverage his expertise to help you have an enjoyable college placement experience.”

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Special Note- Per NCAA Bylaws, I do not market a prospective student-athletes athletic ability or reputation, negotiate or promise scholarships, or serve as an agent or swing instructor in any way. I may serve as a reference for PSA's. In addition, it is permissible for ForeCollegeGolf to distribute high school academic and athletic records to college coaches without jeopardizing a PSA's eligibility. I help my clients manage all forms of communication (email, phone calls, personal meetings) with college coaches, and encourage the players I work with to correspond directly with coaches as part of an effective personal marketing plan. 


In accordance with NCAA Rules & Bylaws, fees and services are not contingent on a prospective student-athlete being recruited or receiving financial aid. All payments are due based on the terms of the enrolled program. Michael J. Smith, Golf Excellence LLC and Fore College Golf do not serve or act as an agent in any way. ForeCollegeGolf TM, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 


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