Fore College Golf has designed a convenient, “one-of-a-kind” alternative for junior golf families seeking assistance with regular tournament travel. We provide weekly tournament travel to AJGA, FCWT, HJGT, IJGT, and other nationally ranked junior events around the country.




Safe, Easy & Efficient Tournament Travel

Expert Advice & Mental Assistance

Comprehensive Tournament Evaluations

Complete Tournament Learning Experience 

Fun Alternative to Traveling with Parents


Tournament Travel Activities

Strategic Course Mapping of Tournament Golf Using Innovative Tour-Proven Techniques

Physical, Mental, and Nutritional Prep for Tournament Rounds

Individualized Tournament Consultations

Unofficial Visits to College Campuses

Statistical Breakdowns with FCG Templates

Hole-By-Hole Tournament Notes




Fore College Golf also provides alternative pickup locations, airport pickup, and home pickup. Clients seeking assistance with regular tournament travel are encouraged to contact

Fore College Golf and speak with Mike Smith.  


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Special Note- Per NCAA Bylaws, I do not market a prospective student-athletes athletic ability or reputation, negotiate or promise scholarships, or serve as an agent or swing instructor in any way. I may serve as a reference for PSA's. In addition, it is permissible for ForeCollegeGolf to distribute high school academic and athletic records to college coaches without jeopardizing a PSA's eligibility. I help my clients manage all forms of communication (email, phone calls, personal meetings) with college coaches, and encourage the players I work with to correspond directly with coaches as part of an effective personal marketing plan. 


In accordance with NCAA Rules & Bylaws, fees and services are not contingent on a prospective student-athlete being recruited or receiving financial aid. All payments are due based on the terms of the enrolled program. Michael J. Smith, Golf Excellence LLC and Fore College Golf do not serve or act as an agent in any way. ForeCollegeGolf TM, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 


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