ForeCollegeGolf was founded to assist high-school aged, junior golfers, who aspire to play collegiate and professional golf. We offer consulting and player development services to clients using an informative, educational and insightful approach. We have adopted new, innovative ways to capture the focus of the client and to provide an "insider view" of the college golf landscape. Mike Smith offers premium "boutique" services and programs to a select number of qualified junior golf families. With select clients, Mike evaluates each situation he encounters individually and provides specialized, personal guidance through the use of phone calls, online webinars, as well as in-person meeting opportunities. 




”To engage junior golfers and their families with educational leadership throughout the college recruiting process. To provide young men and women with life skills to develop into self-reliant, self-motivated, and self-confident individuals on and off the course.” 


Fore College Golf's Focus


Organize tournament schedules

Manage tournament & college visit travel plans

Educate clients on NCAA rules

Design individualized practice programs

Establish goals and objectives

Learn time-management skills

Create a positive self-image

Develop effective life-skills

Explain the AJGA's - PBE process

Analyze the junior golf rankings

Evaluate college standards

Communicate with college coaches

Create a golf resume

Provide essential college golf knowledge

Select a qualified instructor

Consolidate tournament results

Aquire and process high-school transcripts

Write a personal biography

Register for NCAA Eligibility Center

Compare potential colleges

Find the “best-fit” golf program

Apply to schools

Sign the National Letter of Intent 

Learn how to succeed as a student-athlete 


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Special Note- Per NCAA Bylaws, I do not market a prospective student-athletes athletic ability or reputation, negotiate or promise scholarships, or serve as an agent or swing instructor in any way. I may serve as a reference for PSA's. In addition, it is permissible for ForeCollegeGolf to distribute high school academic and athletic records to college coaches without jeopardizing a PSA's eligibility. I help my clients manage all forms of communication (email, phone calls, personal meetings) with college coaches, and encourage the players I work with to correspond directly with coaches as part of an effective personal marketing plan. 


In accordance with NCAA Rules & Bylaws, fees and services are not contingent on a prospective student-athlete being recruited or receiving financial aid. All payments are due based on the terms of the enrolled program. Michael J. Smith, Golf Excellence LLC and Fore College Golf do not serve or act as an agent in any way. ForeCollegeGolf TM, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 


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